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Gacka d.o.o.

Bartola Kašića 5/a

53220 Otočac


tel. +385-53-771-449

fax. +385-53-665-218




XVII. International Gacka Cup

As announced, the 17th International Gacka Cup was held on Saturday, 11 May 2019. 
This year, a total of 43 competitors participated in the cup, catching 144 fishes, in total lenght of 4 487 cm.
Sabahudin Pehadžić has won the first place with 12 fishes caught, in total lenght of 411 cm.
Ivica Sušić has won the second place, catching 11 fishes, in total lenght of 372 cm.
Miroslav Katičić has won the third place, catching 11 fishes in total lenght of 364 cm.

The biggest fish was caught by Petar Kraljić in lenght of 57 cm.

After the prize awarding ceremony, the program continued with homemade dish "Čobanac" (Meat Stew).
Thank you all for your participation.
Especially thanks to the engagement of members of the Š.R.U. Gacka and
HŠRU Pastrva Ličko Lešće and their help in the organization.

 Photo gallery_17th International Gacka Cup 2019